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Athena is known as a neuro-modulator that increases mental cognition through neurotransmission. This is a very important and key factor in brain health such as memory, mood, focus, ADHD, anxiety, and depression.

The organic E3Live blue-green algae is an oxygen super food that fuels the brain with antioxidant properties.

It’s great for athletes seeking a more focused mental state, as well as students looking to retain more information easier.


  • Use only 2 capsules before activity for increased brain function and wellness
  • 10 year industry sales and consumer integrity
  • Effective for mental stress, focus, mood, anti depression
  • 60 vegcaps in each bottle


  • The AFA blue-green algae and PEA is an effective super food that passes the blood brain barrier quickly to deliver neuro nutrients like no other brain support product. It benefits brain activity immediately.
  • This formula is unique and uses the highest grade Blue-Green Algae and has additional Phenylethylamine (PEA) for overall brain health

Ingredients per Capsule: Blue-Green Algae (E3-Live): 90mg

Recommended Dose: Take (2) V-Caps daily

Recommended Use: Supports mental health and wellbeing